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Islands on Smith Mountain Lake have been identified as important resources to the Smith Mountain Project not only because of their scenic value but also because of their contributions to recreation, aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and associated habitat. Islands are in need of protection because of their location and potential for erosion. Since Appalachian’s implementation of its Island Management Plan, numerous islands have been protected with riprap and the associated structure relocated to associated littoral zones in order to continue to provide structure for fisheries.


Recreational use of Appalachian-owned islands is not prohibited. However, recreationalists are encouraged to pack in and pack out and utilize near-by bathroom facilities located at all public boat ramps. Dog waste bags are located on Lucky Island. Fires are prohibited as is the cutting of any vegetation on the islands. Below is a map of Appalachian-owned islands suitable for recreation and nearby-restroom facilities. Appalachian monitors the islands throughout the summer.

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