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Apply to Install a Fish Habitat

Appalachian Power and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) encourage the creation and enhancements of fish habitats along the shoreline. An approved structure can attract fish and increase the population, however it is illegal to place one in the lake without a permit, so please use the form below to request one.

If your submission is acceptable, a permit will be mailed to you. Please allow at least one week to be issued. If you need assistance, please email the VDGIF or call 1.434.525.7522, ext. 103.

Looking to install a fish habitat?

To start, tell us about yourself. Are you a...

What is your mailing information?

Where would you like the habitat installed?

Tell us a little bit about the habitat.

Example: Park Place Lot 299

Legal descriptions and tax map numbers can be obtained on the following county websites: Bedford County Campbell County Franklin County Pittsylvania County

The description of the habitat's location based on the photo. Directions are as viewed from shore.

Measured from the 795 foot contour elevation at the bottom of the habitat.

Approved Habitats

The VDGI has approved the following habitats for use at Smith Mountain and Leesville Lake.