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Request Status of Property Report

Whether you currently own or are considering purchasing property on Smith Mountain or Leesville Lake, we recommend you obtain a Status of Property Report prior to any real estate transaction. This service assesses the property's compliance with the Shoreline Management Plan and identifies issues that may need to be resolved before permits can be issued, or assigned to, a current, or future, property owner.

Current property owners or listing agents may request a report at any time. Prospective buyers or their agents may also make requests; however, a copy must also be issued to the current property owner(s). Falsified or missing information may result in a delayed, or canceled, request. Note: The report is only valid based on the results of a recent site inspection. It is the responsibility of the property owner – current or future – to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Shoreline Management Plan.

Step 1: Identify the Property

The requested property is adjacent to:

Subdivision, Lot number, Section